The requirements listed below are representative of the essential duties required of the Maintenance Technician.

  • Knowledge in various types of Plastics Machinery and Related Support Equipment.
  • Read and implement from wiring schematics, electrical drawings, circuits and computer programming.
  • Must be able to use the correct measures to return machines and equipment to their manufacturing operational condition within a reasonable amount of time. This includes being able to troubleshoot and repair from OEM schematics using logistical troubleshooting methods and assessments derived from gages, meters and other trade measuring devices.
  • Knowledge and use of hydraulic fluids and lubricants.  Must be able to troubleshoot to component level.   This includes pumps, valves and various sensor brands, types along with the adjustments thereof.  Familiarity with British and Metric fitting types and thread configurations.
  • Must be able to troubleshoot and resolve injection end problems.  Knowledge of trade standard clearances for different machine components.
  • Responsible for system monitoring, debugging and troubleshooting operational problems, making repairs and performing preventive maintenance activities.
  • Responsible for wiring controllers to the equipment, labeling the wiring for safety and documenting the programs designed for the equipment.
  • Able to perform OEM Specified Preventive Maintenance on Molding Machines and Support Equipment.  This includes machine leveling, squaring machines and toggle clamp mechanisms.  Die Changing Experience Required.
  • Completion of open work orders, P.M.s and stock room organizational improvements.
  • Proper and professional communication with Maintenance Manager and other co-workers, ensuring all system issues are documented and status is known.
  • May be required to create documentation of the processes for each type of equipment.
  • May be required to perform work related to PLC, programming, etc.
  • Ability to perform building repair and maintenance.
  • Other projects as assigned.
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